We make 360/VR camera accessories.

The only camera spacer you will ever need for VR/360 shoots.

6061 Aluminum.

Hard black matte anodized.

3/8" threaded. Knurled. Easy to grip. Cool logo.

Originally designed for the Z-Cam S1, S1 Pro but a great accessory for many other 360 cameras (e.g. Insta 360 Pro, Kandao Obsidian)

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Check out the spacer or the magic clamp.

The Magic tube clamp.

Fits a 32mm Carbon Fiber tube (like the Nodalninja travelpod) perfectly.

Cannot scratch or crush tube. Easy to put on/take off.

Holds your accessories firmly.

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Camera Spacer

We found that shooting with the Z-Cam S1 and S1 Pro - mounting the camera directly on top of a monopod required us to engineer all kinds of hacked together spacers - and there was no easy to use spacer on the market.

So we made a few prototypes and settled on a design we liked.

6061 Aluminum


Hard black matte anodized.

3/8" female threaded top and bottom. 

Easy to grip.

Each spacer ships with two (2) standard 0.75 inch 3/8"x16 threaded set screws.

We thought about permanently attaching them but you can do that easily enough yourself with Red loctite.

Cool CNC engraved logo.

Buy one - or maybe a couple for your friends.

BTW the size is 1 inch diameter, 2 inches high.


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32mm Magic CF Clamp

I use a NodalNinja travelpod to hold my 360 equipment on shoots quite often.

I tried pretty much every possible type of clamp for Carbon Fiber tubes to try and find an affordable way to add a 1/4" 20 attachment point to the side of a tube.

I tried Superclamps, mini superclamps, Modified bike handlebarmounts - even a vectormount. 

But all solutions were either very expensive - or required tools (e.g. allen keys or screwdrivers - or were very large.

Or ALL of the above at once ;)

So after much searching we have created a quick-release clamp for carbon fiber tubes.

  • No Tools needed (snap on and twist-off - you can use a screwdriver if you like 
  • Perfect fit for 32mm tube (cannot crush or scratch it)
  • Extremely light (18g) 

For comparison - a Superclamp is 478g, and a mini superclamp is 100g. 

Finally available for sale and in-stock.

Package includes

1x 32mm Magic CF clamp

1x 1/4" 20 black oxide washer

1x 0.5" long 1/4" 20 black oxide button head bolt

1x slim 1/4" 20 black oxide nut

Use the nut when you want to install a 1/4" threaded rod onto your pole. Use the bolt when you want to install something that has a 1/4" threaded hole (e.g. Zoom F4 or other device)


Check out the video of usage:


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Z-CAM K1 Pro battery bracket

Sony-B compatible battery bracket for the Z CAM K1-Pro 180 camera.

Bracket has a thumb screw for easy tool-free installation - and allows the K1-Pro camera to be used without any external power setups.

Approximately battery life on a BP-U30 or Kastar equivalent is 3.5 hours of continuous record.

Bracket comes pre-wired with a 15cm cable and a 4-pin half-moon FFA.0S.304 connector for the K1 Pro.

Easy to mount on many gimbals (recommended configuration is the Pilotfly H2-45)

Stock Sony B batteries can be used - but the recommended battery kit for this bracket (including two batteries and charger kit) is here


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drift Smart VR Monitor


The long awaited RVLVR Smart VR Monitor is finally shipping - supporting Mono + Stereo, 360 and 180 preview and monitoring directly to your mobile device.

(please note that product does NOT include Google Pixel or any other Android phone. Just includes modified Daydream device for connection to Android phone.)

This is a patent pending hardware/software combination that adds an HDMI input to a Daydream device allowing you to do the following

  • Full screen equirectangular preview of any video signal
  • Magic-Window mode directly from premiere timeline (finally you can preview your video how a significant percentage of users consume it)
    Magic Window supports finger-follow or gyro.
  • VR Preview - One tap and you can put your headset on to get full headset preview. Note that you can do this from any stitched 360 source - either in post or on set (e.g. from a Teradek Sphere)
  • Multi-headset viewing - This is huge for color suites and other post facilities. No longer do clients have to preview footage one-at-a-time wasting hours and not being able to discuss a shot collectively. Instead you can connect AS MANY HEADSETS AS YOU LIKE (just keep splitting the HDMI).
    It's hard to explain in words how awesome this is.
  • Does NOT need VR ready machine - if your computer can output 4k video from it's HDMI port - you will have no problem - and it will play back as fast as your computer's graphics card is able to - works on most decent laptops made in the last 2 years
  • 4K/UltraHD supported up to 30fps - playback is buttery smooth -  if your graphics card can play it, drift will play it back also. (note there is a very slight lag - approximately 3-4 frames - when compared with on-board audio cards - so you'll need to use the Daydream audio if you're checking audio match cuts)
  • Can use any editing system - of course you'll still need VR-aware software (such as Premiere) for Mettle effects etc - but since Drift works off an HDMI signal - anything that spits out HDMI equirectangular will do.
  • Supports Side-by-side 180 - 180 support includes full-screen half equirect, Magic Window - and of course VR view. (also supports YouTube Live 140x140 workflow)
  • Supports Over-Under 360 - Includes full-screen double equirect - Magic Window mode (only left eye is used) and full VR view support.

Check out the video below:

(Product does NOT include Google Pixel or any other Android phone. Just includes modified Daydream device for connection to Android phone.)


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