Camera Spacer


We found that shooting with the Z-Cam S1 and S1 Pro - mounting the camera directly on top of a monopod required us to engineer all kinds of hacked together spacers - and there was no easy to use spacer on the market.

So we made a few prototypes and settled on a design we liked.

6061 Aluminum


Hard black matte anodized.

3/8" female threaded top and bottom.

Easy to grip.

Each spacer ships with two (2) standard 0.75 inch 3/8"x16 threaded set screws.

We thought about permanently attaching them but you can do that easily enough yourself with Red loctite.

Cool CNC engraved logo.

Buy one - or maybe a couple for your friends.

BTW the size is 1 inch diameter, 2 inches high.

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