Clutch-Link for RED cameras


First small test batch is now available.
Grab it before they sell out - but there will be a new batch soon.

It's been a long time coming. Thank you all for being so patient.
The Clutch handle is now compatible with RED and Z-cam cameras.

Komodo, Komodo-X, V-Raptor, V-Raptor X, V-Raptor XL (X)

The Clutch Link plugs into the 9-pin EXT port of the camera and allows direct fingertip/thumb control of:

Wheeled Controls: Aperture, Shutter Speed/Angle, ISO, White Balance, WB Tint, Electronic ND
Click Controls: Momentary AF, Peaking, Exposure Tools, Screen Magnification

And of course Start/Stop REC on the big red button.

You can map the controls to whichever buttons/dials you choose by using the Firmware programmer.

This is a limited run of pre-production prototypes since people seem really keen to get their hands on them. The electronics are stable but the housings are not yet machined.

Needless to say - Clutch is not included. If you don't already have one Get your Clutch here!