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STOMP LWS modular hybrid plate system for E2 camera (ORIGINAL VERSION ONLY)


The E2 camera family is a very disruptive product. Very high quality, small form factor - and continuing to develop.

But as soon as I got one I started thinking about the most elegant way of mounting it. A few sketches later I created a best of hybrid solution which solves a number of problems I believe exist in products in the marketplace.

This product is a combo unit that includes the STOMP plate as well as the STOMP LWS insert (they are available separately also)

It lines up on the E2C so the optical center is at a perfect 85mm height. 

Here are some facts:

  • Lines up the camera perfectly at 85mm optical center height from center of Rails - for professional 15mm LWS matte box systems
  • 6061 Aluminum - Hard Matte Anodized in Black
  • Custom made for E2/E2G (does NOT SUPPORT S6/F8)
  • Does NOT correctly line up E2C (the body of the E2C is physically shorter so while it will mount correctly it will not be at 85mm optical center height from center of 15mm rails)
  • Notice the attention to detail - not only are the metal indents on the bottom of the E2 body taken care of - but also the 1/4x20 female threads in the E2 body are not always completely flush so we took that into account
  • ARCA-SWISS base plate supported for direct attachment to ARCA-SWISS or compatible dovetail products
  • 1/4x20 or 3/8x16 mounting is possible on the bottom also
  • The 4 corner legs means that the camera is stable when placed on a table or other flat surface
  • Two quick release adjustable M5 handles on the side allow for quick repositioning on an LWS 15mm studio rail
  • Item ships with complete set of 3/16" Allen key + 2x 1 inch 1/4"x20 socket head screw and 2x 1.75 inch 1/4"x20 socket head screw (the shorter screw is used to attach the camera in the basic STOMP configuration (without the insert plate) - when you add the insert plate - use the shorter screw to connect the two plates together - and the longer screw to attach the camera)
  • Functions as a standalone base plate but also compatible with many cages