32mm Magic CF Clamp


I use a NodalNinja travelpod to hold my 360 equipment on shoots quite often.

I tried pretty much every possible type of clamp for Carbon Fiber tubes to try and find an affordable way to add a 1/4" 20 attachment point to the side of a tube.

I tried Superclamps, mini superclamps, Modified bike handlebarmounts - even a vectormount.

But all solutions were either very expensive - or required tools (e.g. allen keys or screwdrivers - or were very large.

Or ALL of the above at once ;)

So after much searching we have created a quick-release clamp for carbon fiber tubes.

No Tools needed (snap on and twist-off - you can use a screwdriver if you like
Perfect fit for 32mm tube (cannot crush or scratch it)
Extremely light (18g)
For comparison - a Superclamp is 478g, and a mini superclamp is 100g.

Finally available for sale and in-stock.

Package includes

1x 32mm Magic CF clamp

1x 1/4" 20 black oxide washer

1x 0.5" long 1/4" 20 black oxide button head bolt

1x slim 1/4" 20 black oxide nut

Use the nut when you want to install a 1/4" threaded rod onto your pole. Use the bolt when you want to install something that has a 1/4" threaded hole (e.g. Zoom F4 or other device)


Check out the video of usage: https://youtu.be/9al0BvKxzpA

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