CLUTCH camera remote handle

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Now supports RED cameras also.

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(We are calling this the v1.5. It's got all the upgrades of the previous version but we made an important change to the LANC connector vendor. It was super annoying for us (and of course for customers) when a small batch of LANC connectors required a LANC pin to be used. This should not happen again. There are other internal changes that you will most likely not notice - unless you take your Clutch apart. The only other external change is that we removed all the 1/4" x 20 threaded holes aside from the ones used by the Rosette cage...because no-one seemed interested in using them for custom mounting options).

This version now supports RED camera control for all variants of Komodo and Raptor

Link for downloading software to program/remap the buttons is here - Clutch controller software


CLUTCH v1.5 is a LANC connected right handed, wired remote control handle with a START/STOP button and two programmable rotary clickable dials. On a Z CAM camera the dials can be programmed to control Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Electronic ND, Audio Gain (ganged and L/R individual), White Balance (momentary Auto WB also), WB Tint, Zoom and Focus.
It can also turn the camera on/off (by long hold of the START/STOP button)
It is also possible to navigate the menu without taking your hands off the handle

New firmware functionality includes additional features like VFR rate control directly from the handle and long/short clicks for additional flexibility and speed when shooting.

The out of the box Clutch - can control START/STOP and has two rotary push button thumbwheels.

One thumbwheel controls Aperture (clicking it selects the Fn2 button on a Z CAM camera), the other controls ISO and Shutter Speed (clicking the wheel switches between those two functions.

Long clicks of the thumbwheels can be set to a different function (by default long click of front thumbwheel is Fn1 and long click of rear thumbwheel is Fn3)

We worked on ergonomics a lot to make the thumbwheels feel natural for usage during shooting.

One is positioned so it fits directly under the thumb - while not requiring the thumb to rest on it. The other is positioned so the forefinger can naturally access it.

Both Thumbwheels can also be clicked for additional functionality.

The entire handle ends with a small cage with a Male M6 Arri Rosette mount.

CLUTCH is designed in the USA and made of hand-sanded, hand-oiled black walnut wood with a 6061 Hard black anodized aluminum armature holding custom made electronics.

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